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Unlocking the Door 
for the
Independent Author


Today's publishing industry is exploding with opportunity.  Opportunity for the well-polished independent author to make their own way. 


Regardless of genre, fiction or non-fiction, the market is wide open for well written books, without queries, without an agent, and without waiting eighteen months for someone to reject your manuscript.


Indie Author Support is a one-stop-shop for the independent author. get your books on the market quickly and without technical knowledge.  This is a hands-on, interactive process with the author involved at each step.

If you are a new Author,  we format and publish your book for Createspace, (Amazon Print-on-Demand,) Kindle, (Amazon,)  Kobo (Kobo ebook reader,) and Nook Press (Nook from Barnes and Noble,) (hereinafter known as The Venues) covering 99% of the on-line market.

We take no royalties from your sales.  We set up an account for you at each of The Venues so all proceeds go directly into your bank account. 

We can also walk you through the process of setting up your own accounts.  Once your book is published, you manage your own account.

If are already published and have existing accounts at the various self-publishing venues we supply you with a print-ready pdf for Createspace, a publish ready mobi file for KDP, and an epub file for the other venues.

If you need a cover we will make one for you at your direction, using custom, royalty free or public domain photos and graphics. (See GALLERY for examples)

If you have  an artist you would like to make a custom cover or art for your cover, we supply you with the proper specifications so your cover looks good in eFormats and in print.  Look in the GALLERY for links to cover artists shown there.

Copyright of your work at the eCopyright office can also be done for you.  We set up your account, or walk you through the process.  You will be the copyright holder.

At the present time we do not offer copy editing, critique or marketing support (other than making sure your book's format and cover are thoroughly professional.)  We are working to find qualified, affordable professionals in these areas so we can offer you the most complete independent author support service available.


Indie Author Support reserves the right to reject any manuscript at our sole discretion .

Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time without notice.

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